Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Part 3: Willockman

Still sulking that his poo was discovered, The Willock has been pretending to be asleep since the Lollywagon reached the edge of the woods. Everybody else is excited to see another little girl, about the same age as Lollybloggings, practising with her pom poms in the sunshine, and the two little girls prance and sing and play while Ember and the others watch happily.

The Willock, however, is feeling a bit lonely and rejected. He hates it. He watches the two girls invent their own cheerleading routine and he starts to wonder what life would be like if he was the kind of Willock who had his own cheerleaders. The kind of Willock who everybody looked to when things went wrong and help was needed. The kind of Willock who was loved by all and admired by all.

Would he hate it?

Bored by the cheerleading, The Willock begins to doze off in his cart, and at that moment, somewhere inside The Willock's mind, is born...WILLOCKMAN.

Quickly he changes into his Willockcostume (Willocks don't need hands to change when they are superheros, they just think really hard and a cape pops on their back) and stands proudly to attention, scowling at the world below, waiting for trouble to strike.

Crime: he hates it.

At that moment, a torch, shining into the clouds with a bit of black cardboard over the end to make a Willock shape, displays the Willocksignal, summoning his aid.

Willockman launches himself towards the source of the trouble and floats at double speed towards it. Willocks have to float, because they have no feet, but Willockman floats at superwillocky speeds - faster than a speeding Willock, you might say.

The sirens are whining in the night and flames are shooting into the sky. Willockman can hear voices calling his name, begging him to rescue the innocents and defeat the evil; he hurtles on towards the city centre, the Willocksignal shining above him and a sparkly trail of dust in his wake. He hears a chant in the night: willock, Willock, WILLOCK...HOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
He's nearly there now...he flexes his muscles...hundreds of faces turn to him eagerly, waiting for him to save the day...

In his little trailer, The Willock opens an eye lazily. "Bugger it," he thinks to himself, as he considers how much work would need to go into being a superhero. No wonder no Willock has ever been one before him. Willockman? He hates it.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Part 2: Who did that poo?

It isn’t easy being Lollybloggings. You see, her Favourite Thing is to find adventures, but The Willock can be a bit of a bind. If he’s happy (relatively) with the food, he’s upset about the scenery, because The Willock hates adventures.

(Well, he does like them, but you’re not to say.)

Lollybloggings wants to make her way to the Nearby Woods, because she knows it’s full of Exciting Things To Do, so she can solve mysteries and meet animals and generally have a good time. The Willock, however, only wants to go to the toilet, but the trek to the woods doesn’t seem to be anything close to finished.

All of a sudden the Lollywagon stops and the whole procession comes to an end. Ember the Ferret has rolled his green golf ball into a poo.

Lollybloggings is very disappointed. She rushed to see what all the fuss was about and found a poo, covered in glitter, and knew right away who was responsible.

The Willock complained and moaned and denied and sulked, but his efforts were a bit silly. You see, one of the most important things about a Willock is that it can’t help but cover everything it meets with sparkly happiness (even if it’s a Grumbly Willock).

Which means that, if a sparkly poo turns up, he’s just going to have to own up to it.

He hates that.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Part 1: Meet your new friends

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lollybloggings, who was prone to big smiles and liked going on adventures. Lollybloggings always insisted on wearing pink dresses with very big bows and tucked under her arm was Wilf, her stuffed dead cat.

Everywhere Lolly went, she dragged along her little cart. Inside the cart was her best friend in the whole wide world, the Grumbly Willock. The Willock wasn’t always grumbly, but nobody remembers when. He is especially grumbly recently, because Lollybloggings is having a Very Bad Effect on him.

Because he is mostly made of scribble, The Willock sometimes finds that parts of him flop and jump and wiggle and get in the way of his eyes, usually when they are doing their Very Best Glare. One day, Lollybloggings took pity on The Willock as he grumbled. She took a rainbow pin from her very own hair and used it to pin The Willock’s scribble back, so that he will always be able to see.

He hates it.

It’s not much fun being a big ball of scribble if you have to have a sparkly rainbow hairpin, but The Willock doesn’t have any hands to take it off again. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, wherever he goes he leaves a sparkly trail of glitter behind him, because that is what scribbles do.

He hates that, too.

Lollybloggings is off to the Nearby Woods to find An Adventure, taking Grumbly Willock with her (he always wants to come, even though he hates it). I wonder what they will find…